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As a photography student at Arizona State University I’ve cultivated a profound appreciation for the dynamic intersection of urban life and desert landscapes. With two decades of immersion in Tucson’s rich tapestry of cultures, I’ve developed a keen eye for the candid moments and authentic stories that unfold amidst its streets.
My passion lies in street photography, where I find beauty in the unscripted, the spontaneous, and the raw. From the bustling energy of Fourth Avenue to the historic charm of downtown, I seek to capture the essence of Tucson’s soul through candid shots that reflect the rhythm of daily life. Each click of my camera serves as a tribute to the vibrant personalities, the diverse communities, and the timeless scenes that define this city.
Drawing inspiration from the works of iconic street photographers and fueled by my own experiences navigating the streets of Tucson, I aim to document the human experience with honesty and empathy. Whether it’s a fleeting glance between strangers, a burst of laughter on a busy sidewalk, or the quiet solitude of a lone figure against the backdrop of the desert, I believe that every moment has the potential to tell a powerful story.
Through my photography, I strive to not only capture the essence of Tucson’s urban landscape but also to celebrate the beauty of everyday life in all its unfiltered glory. With each frame, I invite viewers to join me on a journey through the streets of Tucson, where every corner holds a story waiting to be told.

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